Wednesday, April 28, 2010

vegas weekend 4.23-4.25 :)

This past weekend, for a friend's 21st birthday, a few of us went down to Vegas to celebrate with her!  This was our crew in a few of my favorite pictures out of 150+  (can you spot me?  hint-  I'm in every picture hahah).  We visited a club each night (XS and Tao) and it was fun because one of our girls was close to a promoter, so we automatically got onto guestlists and never had to wait :)

For the first time, I really understood the meaning of "getting free drinks".  I've never actively tried to get anyone to buy me drinks, and I don't frequent bars or clubs alone or without some guy friends, so I didn't know what it was like.  On our all-girls trip, we practically spent no money and we got invited to tables and drinks all night.  Yay for free stuff!  Hahaha.

For the weekend, we stayed at the Trump tower  :D !!  We split a suite, and we had booked the room early, so we each only paid $40 to stay in this baller suite for the entire weekend!  (It was also complete with a kitchen, a second huge sofa bed, 3 showers, and a bathroom/makeup room as big as the living room!)  It was complimentary valet as well, which was cool for my car (I drove us all there and back)  :]

I did have to spend the whole next day working for my professor, and I do now have to disappear off the face of the earth in order to study for my midterms coming up next week, but it was a great weekend :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

laugh factory 4/20

Tonight, W and I went to our first show at the Laugh Factory (a stand-up comedy club in Hollywood).  We got to sit quite close to the stage, so it was pretty cool, seeing Kevin Nealon and the other comedians up close and personal just a few feet away.  (But I don't think any other celebrity encounters so far ever really matched up to the experience of having Kobe Bryant walk up to me and friends at our gym.  Not cuz he wanted to talk or anything, of course, but we happened to be standing unwittingly beside his gym bag, hahah, and THEN we got to talk to him).

For the most part, it was a nice night.  I got to check off another item on my things-i-want-to-do list.  We did however have a few troubles:

We were both hungry because we didn't grab any dinner prior to the show, so we ordered a sandwich with our drinks.  It was very good, but you know, not really satisfying, so W decided to go for another, and this time he picked a different one.  The 2nd one was awful - whoever made the sandwich decided to go trigger-happy with the spicy sauce, which we didn't even order on it.  I wonder what it was.  It had the effect of wasabi (that stuff hurt my nose so much) but tasted kinda like mustard?  Anyway, it just ruined our appetites.

Towards the end of the show, both W and I started feeling sick.  I suspect it was the horrible sandwich, or maybe the drinks?  Or both?  Whatever it was, we couldn't even really enjoy the ending because I felt soooo bad that I had to get to the restroom just to be safe.  It wasn't the usual alcohol-induced nausea/discomfort, it was... more intense for a much shorter period of time.  No, I didn't end up puking or anything, instead I actually got better after a few minutes.  But still, it was an odd sensation I'd not like to experience again.

Because W was queasy for the last 15 minutes or so of the show, and I was in the restroom at the very end, we didn't even enjoy the ending.  In my case, I didn't even get to see it.  :(

We were the very last ones to get our car driven back to us by the valet.  The issue with that was that we were still not at our best, but there we were, shivering like crazy as we waited outside.  AND, even after waiting at least 15 minutes and after it felt like everyone else was gone, when we finally decided to bother the head valet person about it, they told us they'd forgotten about ours and eventually brought it around.  Fortunately, the troubles ended there, and I drove us both home while W just lolled around in the passenger seat dealing with his discomfort.  I think he's okay now.

    All in all, it was an okay night, with a net effect of leaving me feeling neutral and very tired.  Meh.  I hope I don't get a cold from the wait we endured...  Anyway, here is a post again, finally :)  Hopefully more to come.  Thank you RicAdemus, just wanted to give you a special plug!

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