Tuesday, January 26, 2010

and my procrastination continues... chocolate + pictures!

I've got midterms coming up, so naturally, I am here.  -__-

I cannot stop my chocolate cravings!  Let's see what I have been eating...
  • W got me a small box of Lindor milk chocolate truffles last week which we have both already devoured
  • I have a box of the new chocolate-flavored Cheerios (which don't taste as weird as I expected it to - and it's whole grain!)
  • there is a sizeable portion of a huge delicious chocolate birthday cake sitting in my fridge that my friend could not finish, and I've been picking away at it little by little..
  • >.<
So I got upset for about half an hr earlier today because the boots on sale that I wanted to order...are no longer on sale.  Yesterday, which was apparently the last day of the sale, I was going to place my order. But then, due to this and that, it didn't happen, and when I went back to the site today to check it out, all the sale prices were gone....  I'm over it now, but it is just unsettling that I could have saved quite a bit of money.  I like deals  :(

Before I get back to the books, just thought I would put up some pictures I found in my camera today:

(left) W with the giant Shamu stuffed animal he won for me at Seaworld shooting 3-point shots into the hoops behind him.  (right) At Dine-with-Shamu next to the whales :D

top of the dam at Oroville which I visited this past December - I like how it just stretches on into the distance

So I've decided I want to keep track of how my style changes.
Here's outfit #1, worn to class today.

(top - bought @ a petite store in HK last summer; accessory - jewelry store in Macau;  leggings - HK also?;  boots - Journeys)

Oh, and also some notes to self:
  • write reply email to professor/boss about internship and spring job
  • write letter back for Christin (germany)

Monday, January 25, 2010

giveaway @ stacieeelovesit ~

This is the first time I'm entering one of these giveaways, wish me luck!  haha.

The prizes:

If you are interested in joining also, check out Stacie's blog for the details HEREhttp://stacieeelovesit.blogspot.com/2010/01/stacies-3rd-giveaway.html

In other news, I have developed something of an [online] shopping urge recently.  I was looking at boots online for awhile late last night (I plan to order two pairs soon - they're on sale ^^), and also at rings.  I want to replace the one that W lost over the summer  >:(.  I should ask him to shop for that with me... [note to self]...

4.5-hours of monopoly with who?

Last night, after hitting the bar (F.O.) with W, I pulled out the Monopoly box from under his bed and started to play with him.  Our gameplay attracted the rest of his apartmentmates.  Apparently, W and I had been "playing by the wrong rules all along", Brian announced indignantly, so we started a new game, with the rest of the audience.  And with that, yes, we played Monopoly vigorously and in an intense-cutthroat manner for nearly 5 hours until 3 in the morning.  We actually didn't even notice the time pass.  In the end, we were rather ruthlessly destroyed by Alex, who was ironically the one person who had never ever played Monopoly in any form in her life.

Although I want to say I enjoyed a rare night with everyone home, it is hard to describe how I actually felt with Alex being around.  Initially when we first met, it was weirdness, because she was such a close friend of my boyfriend's - and somehow we weren't able to talk to each other very much.  Then, it was some competition, because T, who she now dates, used to have a thing for/with me.  Also, I think we are both the kind of girl that's not the type to get buddy-buddy with people right away, and so it's hard for us to get past this awkward "I-acknowledge-you-but-don't-know-what-to-say-to-you-now" phase.  And lately, it's just... I don't even know.  (Although last night I was rather pissed at her because she was playing Monopoly so stringently against everyone even tho she was already in the lead and didn't have to suck the fun out of the game.)

Alex and I are the only two girls who spend the most time over at the guys' place (because our boyfriends are apartmentmates).  She actually lives an hour away, but will come to spend every weekend here, without fail.  It is sad, but the guys other than T have very poor impressions of her, saying she is annoying or loud when she laughs or too PDA or whatever else there is... It makes me wonder what kind of an impression I leave on them too, being another girl that's always around.  I live on the same floor as they do, so I technically could be around a lot more, although I'm not because I make sure I have time for my own friends/work.  W and I don't go crazy with affection around them, and I try to talk to everybody else in a non-intrusive way so as not to make them uncomfortable with me.  I feel like I'm more conscious of all this because I hear how they feel about Alex, and I hope that they are okay with me and not as bothered by my presence.

Maybe it's the way I was brought up.  It's always been important to me (sometimes too important) how I come across to people...   *shrug*  =/

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cloudy with a chance of major rain

Today, the one day that I decided I wasn't going to bother checking the weather before leaving for class, it rained very very hard and dropped 20 degrees.

When I left the apartment in jeans, a hoodie, and flip-flops, it was still okay.  It didn't feel any different from any other overcast day around here.  Chilly, but dry.  Three hours later after all my classes were over, I walk outside and I'm caught in sheets of rainwater.  I couldn't even hop on the usual bus which was only 5 minutes away because I had procrastinated in doing an assignment due tomorrow, so I had to trudge through rain and freezing wind to get to the library 15 minutes away to borrow the book I needed.   It actually took me almost half an hr to get there because I kept making stops along the way as I was shuddering so badly through my soaked hoodie and my feet were unbelievably cold.  I kept debating whether I should first go home and get dressed properly, grab an umbrella, then come back for the book later.  My laziness beat all - since I was already on campus, why not just get everything done and over with.  And so, I did what I had to do at the library, looking like I just took a shower in my clothes.  Then, another 25 minutes or so of rain, bus-ride, and walking, and I burst into my apartment and finally strip off all the wet clothes.  (I was warmer naked even than in my clothing).  I then scarfed down a bowl of rice and meat.  heh.

Don't anybody take overcast days lightly like I did  :(

Oh, and to make it all better, I haven't even started recovering from the cold I've had since Friday...  aye...

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