Tuesday, January 26, 2010

and my procrastination continues... chocolate + pictures!

I've got midterms coming up, so naturally, I am here.  -__-

I cannot stop my chocolate cravings!  Let's see what I have been eating...
  • W got me a small box of Lindor milk chocolate truffles last week which we have both already devoured
  • I have a box of the new chocolate-flavored Cheerios (which don't taste as weird as I expected it to - and it's whole grain!)
  • there is a sizeable portion of a huge delicious chocolate birthday cake sitting in my fridge that my friend could not finish, and I've been picking away at it little by little..
  • >.<
So I got upset for about half an hr earlier today because the boots on sale that I wanted to order...are no longer on sale.  Yesterday, which was apparently the last day of the sale, I was going to place my order. But then, due to this and that, it didn't happen, and when I went back to the site today to check it out, all the sale prices were gone....  I'm over it now, but it is just unsettling that I could have saved quite a bit of money.  I like deals  :(

Before I get back to the books, just thought I would put up some pictures I found in my camera today:

(left) W with the giant Shamu stuffed animal he won for me at Seaworld shooting 3-point shots into the hoops behind him.  (right) At Dine-with-Shamu next to the whales :D

top of the dam at Oroville which I visited this past December - I like how it just stretches on into the distance

So I've decided I want to keep track of how my style changes.
Here's outfit #1, worn to class today.

(top - bought @ a petite store in HK last summer; accessory - jewelry store in Macau;  leggings - HK also?;  boots - Journeys)

Oh, and also some notes to self:
  • write reply email to professor/boss about internship and spring job
  • write letter back for Christin (germany)


  1. Girls and chocolate, can't separate them..I know how u feel..

    And that outfit looks comfy yet still chic for class!

    btw, thanks for the lovely comment on my post :) I enjoy reading yours, so I'll be following you :)

  2. oooOOOooOO... procrastinations got the best of us these days! LOL!

    on the other hand... nooooo! this is my second blog that talks about chocolate! you know what? i wanted to fulfill my sweet tooth today so i went to my aunt's house to eat cereal. only to find out that there's no milk :[


    also, cute outfit!!!! ^_^

  3. Very pretty outfit! =)

    Procrastination is tricky. It speeds up time when we're not looking. We plan to do something, we know we're going to do it, we get annoyed if someone reminds us to do it (I didn't forget), and then BOOM, it's too late!

  4. Oh, I lurveeee chocs. Too bad, I seldom have them, coz' im fat.. :( Ah, and your pix!!! it must be so nice dining with some whales pool beside ya!!
    like your outfit too!! :)
    p/s..thanks a lot for following me yea...yours are great too. I'll follow ya too! =D

  5. your so beautiful~!! :P no kidding >3<

    anyway..i have also upcoming midterm exams..>_<

    tip: chocolate is really helpful in reviewing your lessons..:P also it can make you happy..but not too much..:)

    ^_^ keep posting~!

  6. I can't blame you, chocolate is ♥.
    Hopping from FJ's blog. ☮.♥.☆

  7. Gah I have midterms too but studying is so unappealing!

    & boo for the boots not being on sale anymore. i hate that feeling! hopefully the discount wasn't too big !

    & i've never seen chocolate cheerios before ! i must keep an eye out for that

  8. nice outfits!! and gahhh.. i love chocolates.. i just had some choclate covered pretzels! but chocolate flavoured CHEERIOS?!? i havn't even heard of those but i'd be interested to try!

  9. CHOCOLATEE = one of the most delicious things in the planet.

    Love your outfit!! Especially the top.
    & I'm sorry about the lost sale. I know how you feel. :)

  10. who can't resist chocolote?!! i love chocolate!!! i still have my sweet tooth lol.

  11. LOL it is in the nature of girls to love chocolate! I love chocolate too - all kinds! Dark, Milk, White..I love them all :D


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