Friday, June 11, 2010


I am graduating todayyy!!!!  All these years came and went so fast....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i shouldn't judge, but...

I currently live with two other roommates T and N, both of whom are frantically preparing their personal statements to send in with their med school applications.  T unfortunately does not write very well...  Tonight, she asked another friend and myself to read her draft and offer opinions.  I'm no expert, but even I couldn't help thinking it needed lots of work...  Anyway, during the session, she referred to two sample personal statements from two other people, both of which were undeniably more polished than her own.   I realized that one of the essays belonged to N, so I asked if they were helping each other on their statements.  I was a little surprised because they hadn't really been talking to each other much about med school at all.

No wonder.  Our other friend let slip (probably to T's dismay) that N did not actually know T had a copy of her essay.  T had basically stolen it off her laptop one day while no one was at home.  She justified it by saying that she was freaking out at the time because she hadn't started writing anything and needed to read someone else's stuff to "get inspiration".

As a friend, I suppose, for the most part I'm expected to be supportive and all that.  I didn't say anything about it then and there, but I couldn't help wondering if she's ever rifled through MY things, or violated MY privacy in any way.  If she could do it to one roommate, she could also do to the other, right?  I was rather shocked, although I do remember one time last year when she admitted she's stolen from multiple clothing stores on multiple occasions.....  The other girl wasn't as shaken by what T did, but I might be judgmental because I've personally been on the other end, where I have had personal files deliberately taken, by someone I really trusted, for malicious purposes.  So it's become a sensitive issue for me.  Not to mention I don't approve of what she did... it's just not cool, it's like cheating kinda.  :( 

Oh well, not my place to judge...  learned something more about T tonight that still shocks me even after the 3 years that we've grown close.  I will simply keep it in mind and be very careful of my belongings....  even this post, I must remember not to keep my blog open.....haha, half kidding.....

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