Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cloudy with a chance of major rain

Today, the one day that I decided I wasn't going to bother checking the weather before leaving for class, it rained very very hard and dropped 20 degrees.

When I left the apartment in jeans, a hoodie, and flip-flops, it was still okay.  It didn't feel any different from any other overcast day around here.  Chilly, but dry.  Three hours later after all my classes were over, I walk outside and I'm caught in sheets of rainwater.  I couldn't even hop on the usual bus which was only 5 minutes away because I had procrastinated in doing an assignment due tomorrow, so I had to trudge through rain and freezing wind to get to the library 15 minutes away to borrow the book I needed.   It actually took me almost half an hr to get there because I kept making stops along the way as I was shuddering so badly through my soaked hoodie and my feet were unbelievably cold.  I kept debating whether I should first go home and get dressed properly, grab an umbrella, then come back for the book later.  My laziness beat all - since I was already on campus, why not just get everything done and over with.  And so, I did what I had to do at the library, looking like I just took a shower in my clothes.  Then, another 25 minutes or so of rain, bus-ride, and walking, and I burst into my apartment and finally strip off all the wet clothes.  (I was warmer naked even than in my clothing).  I then scarfed down a bowl of rice and meat.  heh.

Don't anybody take overcast days lightly like I did  :(

Oh, and to make it all better, I haven't even started recovering from the cold I've had since Friday...  aye...


  1. Try living in Cleveland. The weather change drastically in one day. Worst of all it snows four long months.

  2. Personally, I don't mind shirts and pants getting wet... it's my socks that really get to me haha

    I should start checking the weather more often

  3. you were soaking wet!? oh dear! and i can't believe the temp went down to 20 degrees! girl you're crazy! O_O

    anyway, i thought about how i went home soaking wet too. but it was to rebel against my parents. lol!

  4. I rather get soaked than have the rain target only your groin area, making it look as if you pissed your pants.

  5. T_T i know the feeling girl..that's a typical bad day here where the weather is not stable..>_<

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  6. Such mixed emotions...I can't decide whether to first say I'm glad to see a new post from you or how sorry I am you got caught in that weather change! And you already had a cold? That sounds awful. I hope you're doing everything you can to help your body cope.

    My wife got bronchitis somehow, so I've been her personal shopper, chef, waiter, nurse, etc since Sunday. She's starting to feel better. I hope you don't get that sick!

    It is really nice to see you in blogworld today!!!

  7. oh booo! i hate being unprepared for rainy days!!!! :( hope you feel better soon kimmy!


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