Thursday, December 17, 2009

M.I.A. in LA

It's been a busy few days, sorry for the lack of writing/visiting  :P   I "escaped" to San Diego for some fun and distraction before I came back to see the family and to start thinking about real world issues again.

Main attraction of the week:  Seaworld!
I do not have the guts for roller coasters, so parks like this are right up my alley  :)  It was my first time there.  W and I practically owned the place since it was a Monday and, I dunno, it was kinda cold.  We did the Dine-with-Shamu thing which was pretty cool (buffet style with the whales only a thin railing away).  I also developed a strange fondness for bat rays while I was there... if you ever get the chance to touch one (one that won't sting you, of course), do it. 

I had a goal for that day.  I was determined not to leave the park without a Shamu stuffed animal in tow, but those things are sooo expensive at the gift shops (surprise, surprise).  W and I found this booth where you could win a GIANT Shamu stuffed animal if you could make 3 three-point basketball shots.  I suggested that W just win me one, so he tried.  I guess he wasn't lying before when he said he was good at the sport.  He sunk all 3 in a row within a minute and got me my HUGE Shamu (it is practically as big as I am).  Yay.  All the little kids were jealous when I carried it around  :)

We visited some other hot spots in the area that I'd wanted to see, like the food places and the beach.  I miss our hotel too, it wasn't too special or anything, but it was just so nice to not clean up.  Then yesterday we spent the day at the apartment, watching Big Bang Theory.  We also finished putting together the 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of Snoopy  :)  I haven't decided where I want to hang it.  Also watched Up In The Air and New Moon (movie-hopped~) on one of those days.

And now, I am back at home, after missing my first flight (by just 3 minutes, I was so pissed) and was lucky enough to get a seat in the next one.  I am strangely exhausted for being on vacation, but it's great.  How is everyone else's?


  1. awwww i'd be jealous of our giant shamu too!!! i miss that place, i was just there last october! :(

  2. I'm glad you had such a nice time. Shamu is cool, Snoopy is great, and Big Bang is funny!

    I don't know if I've seen a bat ray, I'm going to have to google that. How did they keep the whales from splashing the food??? =)

  3. my friend says that i have shamu legs... which means i have big legs -_-;;

    but i'm so glad you're going to seaworld though! i hate rollercoasters but i hope you enjoy yourself there! ^_^

    make sure to tell us all about it afterwards!

  4. wow...kinda jealous about that! i love stuff toys as happy you have a nice week..XD

  5. aww sounds like a fantastic vacation!


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