Wednesday, February 11, 2009

post #1 all over again

I just spent the past few hours working on another layout, getting back into html formatting and picture editing, etc. just to give up and cheat by modifying a premade layout. -__- And even after picking out a template, I spent a long time afterwards customizing it to the way it looks now (you won't see this exact layout anywhere else! - same with my profile here...). Whatcha think? I've found that I MUST have some element in everything I make that gives it my flavor. It's almost like a weird OCD.

Anyway, yeah, I decided to open up a new blog again. It's a new year, and end of my hiatus. I figure this is appropriate. So hello :) And now I must sleep.

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it's kimmy



This layout features floweryness :] It is the end of my junior year spring quarter! This layout and header image was completed/edited by myself.
Original image credits: avie

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