Thursday, February 12, 2009

on screening phone calls.

I am going to be honest and say that I do this sometimes. Am I a jerk?

I was thinking about this because I just got off the phone with my roommate, whose phone call I picked up right after ignoring a call from another friend of mine, who I knew was calling around to borrow money. And then I realized... I'd been doing similar shit all day. And for this whole past week, actually. The situations vary, but basically, there were some people I just didn't wanna talk to. Or I was really into doing something else, like watching a movie or something, and I forget that I was going to "call them back later".

In this past week, I screened and picked up only 50% of the calls I got from this one friend of mine I shall call J. She and I are good friends, but sometimes I suspect she idolizes me a little bit. Not that there's much for her to idolize, but she just really "likes" me. She has a habit of exaggerating to other people about how close we are to each other. Anyway, she'll call me all the time (literally) to see if I can hang out or party or talk or whatever. Do I feel bad about not picking up the calls? Yep. So am I a jerk? I dunno? Ehh..........

Oh, but sometimes I do miss calls on accident. This also happened today, and I thought it was kinda funny. So I get crappy reception in the building I'm living in, and unless I'm standing right up by the window, the calls get dropped or the whole conversation is choppy. (sucks, I know -__-) Today, I got back to the room from lunch and I forgot to place the phone by the window for it to get its max bars. Instead, I left it in my pocket, and I sat at my desk (which is pretty far away from the window). I didn't get any calls for a few hours. Then, I walk over to the window to get an orange and all of a sudden I get consecutive little beeps for received text messages and voicemail. Turns out no one was getting through to me... including this guy V who was trying to ask me out for dinner. And that was one call I didn't have to screen. :]

Maybe I am a jerk.

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