Saturday, February 14, 2009

i ♥ my mommy.

So for whatever reason, I just had a random flashback about this one time my whole family and I were playing badminton on our front lawn. (This is going to sound so mean, but my mom is all okay and she laughs at it too.) My mom and my dad are pretty competitive about it because they both used to play it a lot when they were younger. So they would be yelling taunts at each other in Chinese, equivalent to things like "suck on that!" or "yeah that's right biotch!". And then my dad made this one lob that went up and far, and my mom was running over to hit it back, yelling some obnoxious comment about how that was an easy shot.

She was running and running and she was gonna get it....
....But the mailbox on the lawn got in her way.

Pretty much she ran smack into it. But don't worry, she was okay! We laughed at it for days... and just now when I thought about it, I still burst out in fond laughter. Sigh I love my mom.

Note to self: mom also hollered at some French lady in Canada. on accident.


  1. Your mom is so great. LOL. My mom gets the same way a lot, never let anyone beats her at anything.

  2. LMAO...that's so funny. i hope your mom is ok. =)

  3. moms do the funniest things. hopefully in the future i wont do that.


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