Friday, February 27, 2009

weekend to come + A-Z

I'm going to SD this weekend! Leaving tonight. The plan is as follows:
  • FRI: upon arriving at SD tonight - crash the party my friend Chris (friends of 7 years now, haven't seen him in a while) is hosting
  • SAT: breakfast with Chris and his girlfriend, then W is picking me up and taking me out for the day, at night - crash another friend's bday party
  • SUN: dunno, but I have to come home this day............ :(
As excited as I am, I'm feeling super guilty about going all out this weekend, cuz I DO have a freaking crapload of work to get done and studying that I should be doing instead......

Yes so... (Sorry I'm about to talk about W again right now. Just skip sections about him if you get tired of hearing of him, but things are just moving along and there's always something I feel like writing about him. Heh -__- ) I just thought it was kind of sweet that W is going to come to SD just to hang out on Saturday. He was not originally going to spend his weekend there, but he really wanted to take me out to "explore SD" and spend time together. I had my doubts before, but maybe he likes me =] This weekend will be like a "pseudo-date", I guess? I will update when I returnnnn.

Before I scamper off, I'm gonna do this meme because Mel tagged me :]
RULES: 1. to each letter of the alphabet, write a word connected to you
2. tag 6 people

Asian - I am super non-fobby, but at heart I love all (or most) things azn
Bananas - I can never eat them alone, they must be in cereal or in chocolate
Crazy - is how I get when I get hyper, it's scary
Dancing - I wish I could dance hip-hop...I'm way too uncoordinated (I've tried)
Evil - lol I feel evil when I laugh a certain way... like "heh heh heh"
Future - uncertain. Not good.
Graceless - as before mentioned, I'm pretty klutzy :(
Hersheys! - I like this chocolate.
Inbox - I check my emails and text msgs pretty religiously, I realize
Juice - orange juice is so good
Kimmy - cuz I can't think of any other word at the moment
Lefty - I'm left-handed!
Music - you would not believe how much music I have and listen to
Nice - I hope this is what people think about me
Perfectionist - maybe even a little OCD-ish
Quarters - I tried collecting the new state quarters once, but yeah, gave that up
Racing - I like race car games.
Stuffed animals - I LOVE
Time - I feel like I never have enough... because I always procrastinate
Useless - when it comes to planning things, I fail 90% of the time
Voices - I admire singing voices
Water - I drink a lot of water everyday =)
X - 2 ex's
Yoga - is something I keep saying I'll try.
Zits - i hate them =( I have one right now.

OKAY I'm really running late, so I'm gonna go now. I haven't tagged anyone for this, but if you're reading and wanna do it, do it! I'll read when I come back.

Have a good weekend all~

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  1. Hey kimmy! Looks like you're gonna have a great weekend. OoOoO I think W likes you too. Yey! I mean, would he put so much effort into just spending time with you? Am I right or am I right? hehehe... Looking forward to your next post, I bet it will be about your fun week at SD. Make sure to post pictures.

    Btw, I can't dance too and am a total klutz. =)


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