Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i wonder if i ever do anything people hate.

I'm online right now with one of my friends who hasn't stopped typing to me for the past 5 minutes, and I haven't even gotten any word in... so I just stopped and I'm letting her finish her fanatic typing first. And I came to thinking about how it irks me sometimes when people only talk and don't listen... I think it's inconsiderate and defeats the purpose of having a conversation with someone. Meh.

I wonder if anyone's ever been irked at me for doing something that I don't know I do?

OH BTW. I put a picture of W on my left hand column. =] We've still been talking a lot, but again, everything's tentative. Two nights ago, my little (from the frat) took me out to late night food at 4 am, and he had me bring W, who was hanging out with me at the time (yeah... W and I were supposed to be working on our labs together). Apparently, the two of them already knew each other from playing basketball... and my little approves of him just because he thinks W plays good ball. hahah. We'll seeeeee.

Everyone should check out Leslie ft. Bobby Valentino - Accorde Moi.


  1. He's a cutie! .. and ya i can't stand it when people talk and dont let u get a word in! annoying.

  2. what a cutie! There was this one time a friend of mine called and she was just blah blah blah for about a good hour. And all I was able to say was uhuh, yeah, umm, ok... and then she goes,"Oh, I gotta go now, talk to you later?!" wtf?! geez...ANNOYING. hehehee

  3. hi kimmy! tagged you in my latest blog post. =)


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