Thursday, March 12, 2009

i want a webcam

So I just discovered Skype, because I'm gonna be going out of the country after taking my tests, and I wanted to stay in touch with everyone. I wish I had a freaking web cam... I never really had the need to get one before. W is testing it out with me right now, and so I can see him but he can't see me, and it's fun hahaha. He looks effing good on web cam. =]

With my brother's urging, I preordered one of the new nintendo DSi's yesterday. I hope it's worth it, and I HAVE been wanting it for a long timee.. man, I really feel crazy boyish sometimes. I like playing video games so much. It's definitely because I grew up with a younger brother.

I'm gonna have to cut this update short, cuz I got a lotta studying to get to. But I will leave with this picture...



  1. Where are you off to after exams? Take lots of pictures for us ok? =) Yeah, Webcams are just amazing. It's a great way to stay in touch with your friends. I have a webcam too so my brother (he's back in California) and I are always on the webcam. It's like having him around. I can still tease him about how weird his hair looks when he gets up in the morning. Lols. That bunny looks cute. I have two bunnies here, they're both white with the cutest pink button noses. =)

  2. i had the same feeling back when i went out of the country for a month training and skype is very much fast than yahoo messenger. good thing my laptop has a built-in webcam. so my boyfie bought so i can see him too. it feels good. go buy one! and btw, i too became a bit boyish sometimes. haha! it's fun though. anyway, happy trip kimmy! mwuah!

  3. OMG. i'm not an animal person but that bunny is TOO cute. love it.

  4. omgosh! he's so cute and tiny! hehe... i wouldn't mind having a bunny like that too :)


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