Monday, March 30, 2009

i'm back, but my spirit is still out there somewhere

Spring break is over... and today was the first day of classes. So tiring... and I realize I'm another quarter closer to graduating from college. The thought makes me sad :[ And a lot of my older friends - my older brothers from other mothers - are already graduating and leaving in less than 3 months... Their jobs are going to take them to faraway places, and I may not ever see some of them ever again... so depressing. :(

In other news, my short trip to Asia was fun for the most part. I didn't have enough time, but at the same time, it was just enough. It was rainy for the last half of it anyway... and there were some boring family affairs that had to be taken care of as usual, but overall it was a nice trip. But as much as I loved the places I visited, there's just something about it. Like, I don't think I could live there long-term. I met up and had lunch with Andrew in HK, gambled legally for the first time at one of the beautiful casinos in Macau, and got driven around by my mom's friend's son (one of the richest playboys on the island, no joke). It was pretty fun :] If I have the time, pictures will come.

After I got back from the trip, I spent the weekend with W. He was trying very hard to make up for the last time he disappointed me at SD. And I gotta say it worked. He drove me to and showed me around this place that I've always wanted to go, tried dinner with me at this famous place (we ordered way too much food which I stupidly left behind after going through all the trouble of packing it to take home), and finally we went to the beach in the dark. We also got his ears pierced :] He claims he had always wanted to do it, but I know he never really did - he admitted later that it was because I had mentioned offhandedly that I think he'd look good with them. I've decided that while I may not be sure whether or not I want to be with him yet, I definitely like how sincere he is in what he says and how he acts towards me.

My sleeping schedule is still messed up tho... so I gotta take my nap now. Will check in again laterrr

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  1. i felt the same thing after my long vacation and need to go back to work again. wish for more long break. lol. :) please do post some of the pictures. if you and W also have, i'd glad to see it. hehe.


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