Thursday, June 25, 2009

new home away from home

I just settled into my new apartment, and so far it's been really nice! The apt itself is spacious and clean, and my apartmentmates, even though I don't know them well, have been great as of right now as well. I've also recently now been driving, as I got to bring my car down! The only thing to complain of, though, is how hard it is to find parking sometimes, especially since I still haven't gotten down the best times to come looking for spots, and considering how my car is not all that small. It's only been 3-4 days, but just that issue has been stressing already.

The other day I got crazily frustrated with my roommate, who I've lived with for two years already. She is generally very dependable, but asking her for help two nights ago actually made me very upset. I won't go into it... but after that I'm determined to be able to mostly do things myself.

But I gotta say, having a car around here has been pretty frickin nice. It's so much more convenient to go places. I don't have to depend on anyone else or wait for other people to want to go where I want to go. Now I can go when I want, and with or without the people I want =] Last night W and I were able to go to watch a movie at a place where we couldn't have gone previously without a car. And he was nice enough to help me park my car before walking all the way home himself. We're still not official but... I don't think I mind. Maybe I got over the title thing.


  1. Well...aside from new apartment, I noticed you also have a new layout. It's awesome. I hope all is well on you settling into your new apartment and your new apartmentmates. =)

  2. not creepy at all. That's what they are posted there for, right? I am tired of talking to myself, haha. It's crazy, because we are kind of going through similar situations -- the roommate thing and the title thing. Hope both things don't cause stress. Hopefully you won't mind me popping up here and then


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