Friday, July 24, 2009

another bad frickin day

Maybe it's the stress. The drama with getting my parking spot secured for next year. The fact that I have a huge project AND a final to take in less than a week. The homesickness and loneliness that no one seems to be able to help me out with. Or maybe it's my love life. It's so complicated and so messy, I want to just walk away. I want to put an end to something that is causing me unhappiness. But instead, the unhappiness is heightened because I can't yet.

And so overall, everything is making me unhappy. And all the things that I would turn to for relief are not there. Feels like I'm stuck in an unhappy hole and no one is around to pull me out of it, except W, who doesn't have the strength to do it even though he's there. I'm in a bad mood so I will say mean things. Don't want to go into details, just want to say, he's disappointing. Even more disappointing after having invested time and expected him to know me better by now. Maybe he just won't ever be what I'm looking for. And that's too bad...

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  1. oh man, I'm not sure if I have commented yet, but here is a good start, right?

    These words sound eerily like what my girlfriend what was saying a few months before she broke up with me for the last and final time. I didn't see the signs and have been paying for it ever since. Here's hoping this guy is smarter than I was.


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