Friday, November 20, 2009

breakfast drives my day...

Look?!  It's a live Pikachu!!  The nerd in me could not resist looking up this picture (searched for a good 5 minutes through IM convos to find the link) after seeing a fat squirrel on campus yesterday in a similar pose.  Yah, I'm a dork  -__-

So, as the days get colder and colder, it's been harder and harder to get up at 7 in the mornings.  All my 8 am morning classes happen to be important, and I've been pretty good about making all of them  =]  But while I used to be able to get out of bed at 7, I now get up at 7:15-20, leaving me only 20 minutes or so to get ready and go catch the shuttle to school.

I got up later than usual this morning, which led me to skip breakfast today.  I try my best to get a decent breakfast in me every morning, otherwise I get quite faint and it's hard to concentrate.  My metabolism has gotten used to kicking in early.  As soon as I got to class, I was starving and that was not good considering I had about 2 hours of consecutive class to sit through.  I managed to get through the first hour, then was defeated by my poor rumbling tummy, and hightailed it back home to grab food before coming back for the afternoon classes.  Sigh, such weak willpower.

But, speaking of willpower, I managed to keep myself from making a tempting stop for boba on my way home earlier this evening.  Gotta keep off the pounds despite getting to wear more layers for winter...


  1. Haha! That wasn't weak willpower--you had to get something to eat to make it thru the day. =) I'm bad about breakfast during the week. It's usually just a cranola bar. But on the weekends I take time for a decent breakfast.

    I saw your comment on 365 Days of Being Single. It was sweet of you to share that and it was good for her to hear it. I grew up with...well, trust issues and pretty much kept people at arms length. But I met good people out in the world and that made it easier to move on. Now my wife thinks I'm too trusting, but that's not true. I'm just not as cautious.

  2. Where's speel chick when I need it??? haha!

    On occassion I do have Granola bars that have cranberries in them, but I don't know what a Cranola bar is. It sounds like an edible crayon. =)

  3. this pikachu is cute! haha.. you're not a dork! thanks for sharing



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