Wednesday, November 18, 2009

to be or not to be the peacemaker?

This past weekend, I was invited by my new apartmentmates and roommate of two years, T, to a club/lounge in Hollywood for a fun night out. Initially, I was shy, being unfamiliar with the new girls, but I had not been out clubbing in MONTHS and I guess I was feeling in the mood for some grooving.... so I agreed and we had a great time. [note to self here: I really need to go shopping, there were so many cute styles I'd like to own!] Besides when I almost fainted once towards the end of the night (I only had time for a dinner of a small bowl of cereal before we had to head out), I had a pretty good time, got to let loose :)

>> That's me on the right, wearing for the first time that crazy sparkly top I bought last year.

Yesterday, I was told by J (a close friend of mine and T's) that she had really wanted to come to the event also, but that she did not because she had been lied to. I was not aware, but apparently, T had denied her an invitation to come along with the excuse that it was pretty exclusive. It was not actually exclusive at all. In fact, T brought along 2 other random friends, who asked to join us only an hour before we set out, which only made J more pissed. Sounds like some silly girl drama here, as I type this all out.... and I'm the one person close to the both of them with the position to help patch things up. J has asked me to say nothing, as she's hoping T will bring it up on her own like she should. Eh. The 3 of us have been good friends for a long time now, but would it be selfish to say that right now I really just want to sit this one out? Getting involved in other people's business is always a tricky situation, especially when told not to. Still, just cuz I'm their friend, I wonder if I should go ahead and drop some hints...

Okay, on a different note, I love chocolate. No matter when, where, why....of course, it's not the most slimming food. But I've found that I can get my chocolate fix AND a few servings of healthy fiber with these AWESOME chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. We made a large batch two weeks ago. Killed it all within a few days. The recipe is pretty simple. Oh gosh, I am already itching to bake some. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Yikes! That really does sounds like a tricky situation, you could end up with one of them mad at you (or both) no matter what you do!

    Hmmmm, oatmeal cookies...that's the only way I really like oatmeal.

    PS - Thank you so much for signing up for my blog--I won't need a croissant to make me smile today!!!


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