Monday, November 30, 2009

dear fickle self...

Why do you always have to make yourself unnecessarily stressed?  You make a big deal out of small things that don't go your way.  You find something wrong with everything.  You want things but reject them at the same time, and then get annoyed and angry that you have to figure out which one is really true.  You know that school is not an excuse for your bitchiness.. and you know that W didn't exactly do anything to warrant your frustration.

The sucky part is that you don't even know how to explain why/how you feel the way you do.

And there's more to think about.  You had horrible time management so now you have a crapload of stuff you have to do within this week, on top of planning for winter break, studying, extra lecture, dinner plans, roommate's birthday, etc etc etc.  You feel worse because you had so much time... so so so much time when you could have done those things.

And now, of all times, why are you thinking about the way things used to be with R.  This is no time to be thinking about that selfish dbag.  Sure, he used to do everything just right, and if W were him, you would be expecting a call from him right now, at just the moment you want him to call you the most.   W is not him.

You really need to figure yourself out.


  1. Be patient with yourself. We make mistakes, learn from them. We want things and then discover having them is not as fulfilling or fun as we thought it would be. And that whole process is annoying!!! Since you can't change yesterday, just focus on completing the things you need to get done. Good luck!

  2. Hey! Why are you reading this??? You have too much to do!

    Haha...jk, hoping to make you smile! You can't be productive every second. We need a little down time to help us be productive and we need reasons to smile. =)

  3. You caught me -____- haha

    Thanks for the push Rick! I smiled =) Be back again after I have things a little more under control.

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