Friday, December 4, 2009

it's official.

I cannot stand people who ask me for my notes.  I'm sorry, but no, you cannot copy them!  =(  I actually spend time, pay attention, and put in honest effort to write up good lecture notes.

This morning, despite being very unwilling to get out of bed, I showed up on time to my 8 am class and stayed awake for the entire hour of lecture, making sure I caught every and all details.  The lectures for this class are difficult, but I took good notes.  After class, an acquiantance of mine in the same class asked, very excitedly, to see them, saying he knew I had good notes.  I immediately felt irked.  First of all, I barely know the guy;  secondly, he had previously obnoxiously asked to look at my other work/notes several times before;  and thirdly, I had little doubt that he had put in much effort to writing any of his own notes.

I just get really bothered by the idea of letting someone who doesn't even try get a free pass to my hard work.  That's not unreasonable, right?  I mean, if he had notes also to compare with/ contribute to mine, I would not mind at all mutually helping each other out with notes.  But here he was completely mooching off me, and I couldn't say no with him right there.  -____-  UGH.

Anyway... I had a rather long day today, but I got to drive around a little bit in my
"new" car [see left]  (it was actually bought 3 years ago for my mom, but she's driven it almost never, so it's practically new and has now recently been designated to me).

My sweet tooth was pretty demanding today, but as much as I wanted to go grab a milk tea / chocolate croissant, I had to buckle down and pound out a paper for tomorrow.  Maybe after class...


  1. i know what you feel! i also got irritated when someone tries to copy my notes! i also put hard work in listening very well.!!!!as of not letting anyone also to copy mine..but sometimes i cant resist a friend..haha..anyway..nice car!!!its like its brand new and not a 3-yr-old one!!!

    btw..thanks for the comment..XD and goodluck to you also..;P

  2. Haha! That's great will power. I would have had 2 croissants. Helping people who only take and don't give back gets old fast. I like helping people, not leeches. I hope that doesn't sound too mean! =)

  3. No snacks before hw!!! NOOOOOO!!!!

    As for that guy who is mooching off your notes, tell him to get his own notes, or better yet, give him an ultimatum: no good notes if doesn't give you good notes. HAH! OK, maybe that won't work, but seriously, I had that situation too. I just ignored them and they stopped asking for my notes (eventually). LOL. Those people never learn.


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