Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i'm wearin shorts in february

Unheard of, had this been four years ago.  And I don't mean because it's a fashion trend.  The weather in LA the past few days have been ridiculously warm.  Just walking around campus getting to my classes makes me uncomfortable, the sunlight felt so intensely hot.  As you can probably tell, I'm not one for hot/humid weather  :(

Anyway, realizing that the days of shorts and tanks are upon me, I've picked up exercising again.  P90x, baby.  I'm also going to pop by the gym after my classes, aiming for 2x a week.  (I went today too ;P )  Yes, yes, I should have been exercising regularly already.....  but I just couldn't resist scarfing down warm, hearty meals while it was cold out, then snuggling under the covers for movies/naps.....  sigh.  FOCUS.  In line with getting more active again, I exercised good restraint and decision making while grocery shopping earlier tonight.  Bought good healthy snacks, etc etc.

I would like to lose just 10 pounds.  Or 15.  Then I would hit my ideal weight.  Any tips/hints out there you'd like to recommend?  Or good fat-burning exercise routines?  I'll also take moral support/encouragement!  Hahah.  Thanks  :)


  1. Goodluck! A lot of people really want to be fit and healthy this year, that's really good! I'm doing Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred and would like to do P90 after, is it okay? I can share a lot of tips that I've used and those that worked ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  2. Good Luck Girl!

    I heard P90X works wonders.

    I would just recommend to exercise & eat in moderation. :)

    Jess Mai

  3. Aha...I'm not in favor with hot/humid weather either...

    And good luck to you. I'm trying to lose weight too now. Stuffed in a lot lately~ XD

  4. My husband does P90X. It definitely is a great workout.

    I miss the warm weather! It seems as if it never stops snowing in Cleveland.

  5. not good in dieting to lose weight so i cant help you out there..its my same prob. but schooling makes me so busy i dont find time to exercise since i was dead tired when i got home..i just homeworks and open the comp. :/ i know my lifestyle isn't nice but maybe i could lose weight at the upcoming vacation..:3

    goodluck for you girl~! x)

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  6. I like your blog ! you have talent :)

    I write for a fashion blog and think that you should follow

  7. P90 feels so great! :) I'm on day 4 now.

    Thanks for joining my giveaway!

  8. Kimmy, you are within 15 pounds of your ideal weight. Translation: You look great already and don't need to lose any weight. Women, always too hard on themselves! LOL! But eating healthy and staying active are always a good idea, so you're doing the right thing. But do make allowances for the occasional croissant! =)

    Have a great weekend.


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