Saturday, February 20, 2010

on making decisions

Last night, the thought crossed my mind to get a haircut.  My hair is... pretty long... 2-3 inches past my boob.  So I did some research - I want a new style, but not sure what would work well for me.  (I'd show you pictures of me but can't find one that shows my hair well and I'm a bit lazy atm to take one, maybe I'll edit later).  I looked at lots of pictures online, hoping to find one that I liked while also fitting my face, so I could show the hair-stylist.  I would find one and think, "this is the one!" then browse a little more just to be certain and then "wait, how about this one....?"  at which point I would go back to the one I'd already found, sit there comparing pros and cons, choose one over the other, go away for a little bit to do something random, then come back, look again, and find that I want to change my mind.  AHHHHHH.  So indecisive.   The haircut is going to be with me for a while, so if I get a crappy one, I'm gonna be stuck with it, you know?

So anyway, I dwelled on the issue for most of the rest of the night, and the thoughts followed me to bed.  Don't you hate that?  You want to sleep, but what you were thinking prior continues to circulate around in your head, keeping you frustratedly awake... so yeah, I didn't end up sleeping for a while  :(

Today is a pretty free day, so I'm thinking about heading out to the place I went last time.  It's an hour away in Irvine, but I feel like I'd trust that hair-stylist more.  *crosses fingers*  I'll show the haircut afterwards  :)

Also before I go, I just found two giveaways by maitai, if anyone is interested:
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  1. Good luck with the haircut! Guys have it so much easier...even if we get a bad haircut it looks fine in two weeks. I think I've had the same basic haircut since 5th grade. Well, except the length has gone through drastic changes--from a military length out to a hippie. LOL

    I'm really happy you started the day with a smile!

  2. I'm thinking of cutting my hair, too. But my husband begged me not to do it. He loves long hair and I actually do too, it's just hard to take care of, sometimes. Good luck with yours!

    Whenever I'm ready to sleep, I try to totally shut my brain down. But when I'm worried I can't relax so it's harder for me to fall asleep.

  3. yeah...i also experience being unable to sleep because of the thoughts that circling around my head..hehe..goodluck for your hairstyle search :P

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  4. about your comment:'s something we should really consider in our everyday lives x3


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