Monday, February 8, 2010

spending spree weekend + a piece of me (feb 2010)

I should be sleeping, but I was itching to update  :)

I drove down to spend this past weekend with W's family.  It was a fun and expensive but totally unproductive weekend sigh.  Let's see.... W and I spent about $80 at D&B's trying to win tickets to exchange for the cool prizes.  We would wait for little kids to play certain games that added to the jackpot and when they left, we would pounce on the machine and fervently try to hit it.  Hahaha.  Some games we got pretty pro at, and other games we could only fume at as we sank all our credits into them....  (we're so immature, eh?)  At the end of the day, we exchanged for matching D&B mugs, a large D&B towel, and a pack of D&B cards, with over 1000 points left over to use for next time!  =]  I realized I quite enjoy the machine where you put coins in and watch them fall in, hoping your coin will knock down the piles of coins already inside.  I wonder what those machines are called...  But in any case, I sat there mesmerizedly playing for a while.  Poor man's vegas?.... haha.

We also went on something of a shopping spree.  I got a little bit of everything:  jeans, lotions (bath&body works), shirts, makeup (urban decay eyeshadows, dior mascara, loreal h.i.p. eyeliner+eyeshadow) and a gift for my parents (Brookstone).  For early valentine's (as I'm spending that weekend away, home with family), he got me the two pairs of boots I wanted (Soda and Paprika), and I bought him a Yves Saint Lauren cologne.  I pretty much made up for the past few months of minimal spending heh.  That includes fooding... I insisted on paying for the Korean BBQ lunch we had today (where they give you the raw meat to grill on your own - bulgogi and black angus deckle), which was pricey but rather worth it.  Oh so good.

outfit #2
from the weekend (express, anchor blue)>

I didn't return home until pretty late today and so, no progress was made on my unstarted 5 page essay due this Thursday.  Nor was any studying done for my quiz tomorrow.  Way to go Kimmy  -__-

But.  Guiltily.  Before I go to bed, I am going to make time to play the Piece of Me game by Notes from a Toothfairy for the first time.  =P  Hope everyone had a good weekend!

This month...
I like:  getting new things  :)  (this typed as I look over at the newly acquired shopping bags by my bed.. sigh)

I don't like:  knowing that there is a lot of leftover food I cooked still sitting in the fridge.  I hope it will all be eaten on time, or else, so wasteful  :(

I want you to know: I'm sorry for this long post...

I've planned:  essay, essay, essay by Thursday.....and to keep on top of all other to-dos.

I want to say to someone special:   I get mad easily at you a lot, but I really do appreciate you and will work on my temper!


  1. Bath & Body Works, Urban Decay = ♥♥♥
    I'm sure you enjoyed the Korean BBQ Lunch. You can never go wrong with Korean Food ✮ ☀..✈

  2. I like watching other people play the coin machine--I have no luck with it myself. I like early gifting. I can't believe you got 2 pairs of boots! Good luck with the exam and paper.

    About the wife says she wouldn't get mad if I didn't annoy her!!! LOL...but I think I only annoy her about twice a year.

  3. Awwww... temper temper. control your temper. Actually I used to be the same way. But over time you can control it. You just have to be more patient and understanding. =) but when I'm on that time of the month I do have temper tantrums. =)

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend.
    mmmm korean BBQ !!! aah! hate you! you got me hungry now :)

    OMG! I have 2 papers to write by the end of this week and I havnt touched them...Im the princess of procrastination :/

    Im glad I stumbled on your blog. Im following! 8-)

    Jess Mai

  5. aww..i love your outfit~!

    essays are boring but its level of boredom depends on the what's the topic..? :P

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  6. *mmmmmmmmmm* korean bbq. favourite! all the best with those papers you have to write! :)

    p.s - thanks for your compliments on my chinese chicken doodles. haha!

  7. I just discovered your blog. So nice.Thank you for following mine. I am now a follower too.

  8. Hi! You have an award on my blog. Come get it here.

  9. Amazing blog! Totally following! :)


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