Wednesday, May 12, 2010

locked in

Yesterday night, just as I was on my way out of the apartment to see Iron Man 2, one of my roommates came rushing in crying, shutting the door behind her on her parents who were following her.  Apparently, they had just taken away her car, physically stripped her of her belongings when they met her outside the apartment complex, and were trying to remove her from our apartment.  I'm not too close to her, but I just felt so sad and scared for her as she cried to us, "please don't let them take me away, please please."  The issue is pretty complicated but long story short, her parents were making a very big deal out of a situation that could be solved in a much simpler way.  Parents can just get a little too worked up sometimes, yeah?  Maybe it's cuz we know the story from her end, but they were being a tad too ridiculous...
I ended up being half an hour late for the movie, as I wasn't able to leave the apartment until it was okay'ed by my roommate to open the door and let her parents in to argue some more, and I took the chance to finally slip out.  When I returned - the movie was pretty good, btw - she wasn't back in the apartment.  Some of her things are still here, so I'm sure she'll be back but... I wonder if they took her home and if they worked things out....


  1. Did she seem afriad to go home with them? Or just upset because she didn't want to? That is scary!

  2. aww..poor girl..>.<

    i dunno the real situation but her parents shouldn't treat her like thta..that's too harsh..:/

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  3. DO you ever see your evil twin??? =)

  4. Ric - I don't think so!? What a random question. Hahaha. But I will be keeping an eye out :)


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